Application form

General information
– Title: Italian or English, no more than 200 characters
– Acronym
– Topics
– Short description: in Italian or in English, highlighting target beneficiaries, results. Max 1000 characters.
– Keywords
– Geographical area affected
– Sustainability in time, always max 1000 characters
– significant other
– Name of organization or professional in Italian or English, acronym and category of
– Legal status, name, e-mail address of the legal representative and the referent.

Information on the initiative

– Slogan do recognize that the initiative which BSDP
– Innovation developed: choose the one with the greatest impact.
– Background of the initiative: to avoid redundancy with the description of the need
– The results

attach to the textual any explanatory tables.

Target group: target audience of people who have benefited from the initiative, their characteristics and specific needs identified, which have been answered.
Human resources involved in the initiative: number of people involved, profiles and skills, responsible; provide data in tabular or chart.
Difficulties encountered: any obstacles that may have jeopardized the project, modify the original program, or who gave input to the process, highlighting the strategy that has allowed us to overcome these difficulties.
Environmental impact: One of the basic requirements, for which highlight the strength in terms of environmental sustainability.

Transferability and duplicability:
reveal whether they were born as a result of the project further initiatives, the result of diffusion and knowledge. In this case, provide the descriptive material in the form of links, brochures or documents.

detect if it were implemented innovative and effective communication strategies to disseminate results from the initiative. Even in this case providing all documents testifying.

Characteristics of the material
Video: The link, the title (maximum 30 characters) and a brief description of the video (500 characters), which will have a duration of no more than 3 minutes. Possible caption to the video (60 characters).

Images, Photographs: Photo title with a maximum of 30 characters, a brief description (500 characters) and a caption (maximum 60 characters). Features: a. Jpg or. Png. up to a maximum of 1 Mb and with a minimum width of 180 px. Maximum of 1 to 3 per step.

Texts: a maximum of 1000 characters including spaces.

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