Admission criteria

Proposals submitted by eligible candidates will first undergo an admission check carried out by Expo 2015 S.p.A.
Admission criteria are as follows:

  • Completeness of the Application 
  • Applications not duly completed and/or with missing supporting material will be disregarded.
  • Coherence 
  • Candidate initiatives should be in line with one of the 5 thematic priorities.
  • Collaboration
  • Candidate initiatives should be realized through proven collaboration among different organizations in the social, economic, political and/or scientific sectors.

Proposals that do not meet one or more of the above criteria will not be considered relevant as BSDP on food security.

Proposals positively evaluated for admission will officially become “participating initiatives”. Expo 2015 S.p.A. will notify of admission the Lead Applicant of successful candidates by September 26th 2014.