The reasons

The Project Participation at Expo during the six months provides a network of initiatives (seminars and forums) in the halls of the various Participating Countries, particularly those of members AMIA, in clusters, in the areas EXPO (Biodiversity, the history of agriculture, etc..) and will culminate during the Congress, in which, two days will be conducted entirely in EXPO, the second and final day.

In summary, the project aims to svilupparre the major topics of discussion above in the context of the “Global Farm” to highlight the best practices but especially the comparison in the local contexts of the flows of innovation and its transfer, determination of the modalities of the production of food in relation to its territory at the same time to verify the sustainable growth of local communities. The role of the agronomist and his profession is determined in the construction of this network.

It will be issues from a scientific perspective but mainly from the professional point of view, the actual appearance of the food production business and organizational models.

In the agri-food sector, in fact, globalization has begun for some time, but in recent years some practices, the massive purchase of land by the States in other states, they foreshadow a global business model. A company can have land and production units in several places to produce the same raw material or differentiate the production according to the uniqueness and characteristics of places? These questions raise serious questions for the procurement and serious questions on type of practice.