Sponsorship and partnership project Pavilion CONAF‐WAA‐AMIA in EXPO Milano 2015

Food and Identity: the global farm of the future is the title of the project promoted by CONAF thus making it the representative of the Civil Society within the vast world of initiatives, events, national pavilions and topic meetings of EXPO.
Not simply an exhibitor but a partner, due to the contents and connections by which its pavilion creates attractions, relationships and business both for professionals and companies.
Food linked to the identity of the territory: to describe and represent the relationship between food and identity means to portray a GLOBAL FARM: an articulated Farm which necessitates comparable common rules to satisfy “world nutrition” in a sure and lasting way.
The sponsorship project is aimed at national and international commercial businesses, organizations, institutions, other professional regional, local, national and international associations, professional firms and free lance professionals.

The Pavilion

Project description
During the six months of EXPO The project foresees, within the pavilion, a combination of initiatives including seminars and forums which will culminate with the World Congress. Here all world agronomist representatives will meet in an all round discussion on the topics of EXPO and the global farm and to highlight the best practice in use.

It is fundamental to represent this relationship not only in a territorial context but also on a world scale. The Global Farm, proposed by WAA‐AMIA/CONAF as their participation at Expo Milano 2015, wants to define a global farm model along agricultural and food lines gathering ideas as well as identifiable, sustainable and lasting projects for food production. In the agro food farming sector, in fact, globalization has already begun, but in recent years some practices foreshadow a global farm model.

From bio diversity to production, from local development to food waste, from social responsibility to climatic change, the participation project of WAA‐AMIA/CONAF at the Universal Exhibition “Food and Identity” ‐ the global farm of the future” gives weight to the role of the agronomist and the social responsibility of firms to diffuse an idea of sustainable development and territorial diversity.

Il titolo del VI Congresso Mondiale è denominato “Cibo e Identità: la fattoria globale del futuro“. Le attività del Programma WAA for EXPO2015, La Fattoria Globale del Futuro sono disponibili anche nel sito Ufficiale dell’Esposizione all’indirizzo http://www.expo2015.org/cs/Satellite?c=CivilSociety&childpagename=EXPO%2FCivilSociety%2FEXPOLayoutCivilSociety3&cid=1392229279701&pagename=EXPOWrapper

The project aims to develop the social responsibility of the professional agronomist in the planning and programming of a sustainable development in the diverse local territories through the discussion of the following topics:

  • Biodiversity and Genetic improvement
  • Sustainability and Productivity
  • Development and local identity
  • Food and food scraps
  • Culture design and social responsibility
  • Climate change and the production area

The objective is to develop these important topics of discussion in the “Global Farm” context and in doing so highlight the best food production innovation methods in relation to the territory while at the same time verifying sustainable growth of local communities.
The role of the agronomist and his profession appears to be a predominant factor in making this work.


The localization of the Pavilion



Communication means

Communication means

Considering the visibility and prestige that the event can guarantee to its supporters, the National Agronomist and Foresters Association has invited the most qualified companies to participate in the event therefore giving them the possibility to promote their trademarks and name. Based on the type of sponsorship chosen, the sponsor’s trade mark and other forms of advertising will appear in various forms on all means of communication accompanying and/or following EXPO Conaf and within the Global Farm:

  • Portals dedicated to the event: banners etc.
  • logo on printed matter ‐ EXPO communications where WAA represented by CONAF is present
  • presence of the logo throughout EXPO
  • logo on website dedicated to the event http://www.conaf.it
  • logo on worldwide website www.worldagronomistsassociation.org
  • logo on newsletters dedicated to the event to be sent as of 1st
    January 2015.
  • logo on the Magazine AF WEEK (a weekly flier to be distributed
    at EXPO)
  • inclusion in the three monthly magazine AF ‐ special EXPO
  • logo placement internally and externally at the exhibition hall
  • distribution of promotional material at reception desk
  • Inclusion in World Congress communications
  • Sponsorship merchandising (optional)


In order to meet different needs, the organizing committee has proposed several types of sponsorship which foresee various measures of commitment and privilege.
Depending on the amount and type of contribution established, Sponsors could be offered further and greater possibilities of visibility than those described below to be agreed upon directly with the Organization Secretary.

Technical Sponsor
Firms which have contributed with their own products or means for the realization of the stand and pavilion and/or its running ‐ the contribution will be calculated on a Value in Kind basis.

This can not be less than € 5,000.00 + vat

General Sponsor – (Sponsor for the entire period of EXPO)

Platinum Sponsor:
Firms which are not in contrast with direct sponsors of EXPO. Their logo will be placed on the outside the CONAF pavilion
Sum requested € 100,000.00 + 50% discount on the acquisition of space within the pavilion (excluding the period of the World Congress)

Gold Sponsor:
Firms which are not in contrast with direct sponsors of EXPO. Their logo will be placed on the outside of the CONAF pavilion
Sum requested € 50.000,00 + 30% discount on the acquisition of space within the pavilion (excluding the period of the World Congress)

Silver Sponsor: 
Firms with their logo placed in the inside of the CONAF pavilion
Sum requested € 20.000 + 15 % discount on the acquisition of space within the pavilion (excluding the period of the World Congress)

Bronze Sponsor:
Firms with their logo placed in the inside of the CONAF pavilion
Sum requested € 10.000 + 5 % discount on the acquisition of space within the pavilion (excluding the period of the World Congress)


Sponsor VI WORLD CONGRESS ‐ Milan 14‐18 September 2015

SPONSOR € 3.000,00 + VAT (logo)
OFFICIAL SPONSOR € 5.000,00 + VAT (logo – advertising material in folders)
MAIN SPONSOR € 10.000,00 + VAT (logo – advertising materials in folders ‐ technical participation)

other type of participation


Pavilion sponsor
companies interested in being visibly present for a scheduled week plus their brand name displayed on a panel inside the pavilion and present in all communications of the week.

32 sq.m already set up for the presentation of a case history or project (spaces B‐C‐D‐E‐F)
Instructions: details to follow
Spaces are bought depending on time used
€7,000.00 + vat a week
€1,000.00 + vat a day

Institutional partner
Premium Partnership
This is directed at national, local and foreign institutions whose logo will be present throughout the period of EXPO.
Amount requested € 20,000.00 + 20% discount on the acquisition of space within the pavilion

Basic Partnership
this is directed at national, local and foreign institutions which buy space for one day or one week.
€7,000.00 + vat a week
€1,000.00 + vat a day

Professional space
Directed at single or groups of professional studios wishing to present themselves or display for one or more days. The acquisition of an already organized space plus the use of the logo EXPO. Spaces are acquired based on time desired.
€7,000.00 + vat a week
€1,000.00 + vat a day


Area intended for topic meetings or presentations. On site assistance and communications via CONAF and WAA channels. It can be bought for one or half a day.

64 sq.m. with a round table for meetings and presentations (Space A)
Spaces are bought depending on necessity and time required
€2,000.00 + vat per day
€1,000.00 + vat per half day

Other forms of CONAF activities linked to EXPO

Merchandising o Co‐Marketing: 
Possibility to distribute products showing company brands and promoting the company’s
image during the period of EXPO.
Guided visits
Independent visits

For further information or clarifications please contact

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